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February 19, 2012
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I hate Jesus by BlackJill I hate Jesus by BlackJill

Before you comment: Read.

Or you won't understand.

Edit: Click on this link and you will completely understand what the above stamp and below description means.

Even if I explain it, it seems a lot of people are too fucking dumb to see what the actual intention behind this statement is and completely misunderstand it, so I hope the direct below link in the Edit will help.

This isn't about religion itself. I don't care about what you believe in, stop preaching, it makes you sound foolish and lazy, like you couldn't be bothered to read anything in the description.

This is about being able to express an opinion about religion, any religion. I'm not going to explain this to anyone anymore. If you're too dumbfucked to be able to read or comprehend anything written here without actually preaching, then it's not my fault and I wash my hands of you.

Another example.

For all the "I love Jesus/God" crap there is on dA, there's not a single stamp like the above. (However, feel free to correct me on that.)

I don't get it. People express their love/like of God, Jesus, religion, etc and expect us to respect their opinions/statements, be tolerant and civil and yet whenever someone else says something like I hate God/Jesus/Religion they get offended and become some of the most intolerant people I've ever met.

We've as much right to the above as you do to these:

A friend of mine was actually denied being allowed onto a Greyhound bus only because he was wearing a t-shirt with the exact same words as my stamp. The people on the bus were offended and quite frankly I don't see why. Things like this happened several times to myself as well as I also own clothing that say I hate God/Jesus on them. I once wore a black t-shirt that said I hate Jesus to a bar some friends and I were regulars at and the owner told me I couldn't come in unless I changed my shirt. I refused, we argued, I'm now banned.

I'm also just as sick of going onto my Facebook every day and seeing your I love God/Jesus crap all over my wall, or wearing t-shirts that say you love Jesus, or your hats, sweaters, bags, the cards in shops, books, seeing those giant crosses in front of your churches, etc etc etc. For as much as Christian's preach tolerance, they're some of the most intolerant people I know when it comes to anyone saying anything about their faith.

If religious people have the right to express their love for God/Jesus/religion, the opposite must also be true, respected and tolerated.

Fuck Jesus.

Fuck God.

Fuck religion.

I won't censor my opinions, thoughts or ideas for your precious feelings. It isn't my responsibility to hold your hand and pamper to your spiritual insecurities.

This is in no way propagating hatred, because hating something and hatred are two entirely different things. It's allowed on dA to express an opinion or statement, even if that opinion or statement is hating something. Or else, the below would not be allowed:

So be offended, hurt or angry, you're well within your rights to be. But be tolerant, respectful and civil even when faced with an opinion/ideal that doesn't conform to yours.

Edit: lol@the Mexican jokes.

Go here, right now. Right. Now.

Stamp background by `Shabadingle :iconshabadingle: btw. Border is mine.

Edit: A lot of people seem to be missing the point.

So here, I try once more to clarify.
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Crystal-the-Vixen Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I see stupid Christian comments everywhere below, I knew it
Crystal-the-Vixen Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
America is the hell for me, with all these Christians trying to take human rights away because their religion doesn't like it.
If something doesn't go their way like gay marriage & abortion, they scream bloody persecution & America is taking away their freedom.
My dream is to move to a happy peaceful atheist country like Denmark, Sweden, Norway.
Crystal-the-Vixen Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with you.
But I would never have the guts to wear any Anti Religion shirt, Christians can be just as violent as Muslims.
Master-of-the-Boot Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Damn doomsday prophet he was. 
Truly, religion is a disease.
ErebusRed Mar 5, 2014  Professional Artist
I love this stamp.  It just expresses my frustration with everything Jesus means to me.  The atrophy of ethical reasoning replaced by obedience to authority.  Intolerance of others and seeing issues in black and white splits.  Lack of personal responsibility for actions and the celebration of magical anti-scientific thinking.  Just go away Jesus!
So sad. But you do have a point. Christians do get fired up most of the time but for good reason. Atheists get fired up just as much as Christians, however. Therefore, I don't exactly see the conflict here. Lol,  I can practically see all the remarks about this statement pouring forth from peoples' keyboards right now. :iggle: Oh well.
FunnelFlaky Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I absolutely adore stamps like this. I love reading through the butthurt comments :XD:
Haha! This is an interesting social experiment! I'm surprised how many people are taking the bait, even though you say right in the comments what this is about.

It's funny (and by "funny", I mean tragically ironic), that the people arguing against this stamp seem to believe (and in some cases come right out and say) that you aren't allowed to be offensive to them, even while the things they are expressing to you are far more offensive. Since when is telling someone that they are going to hell not offensive? But, the point is that there is no law, right or guarantee in life that one will never be offended, so they can say what they like. And I have the right to chuckle at how vehemently hypocritical they are. ;)

I think what perplexes me the most about the reactions I see here, though, are the number of people who are personally threatened by the statement in your stamp. It's as though just encountering anyone who holds and/or expresses that opinion negatively reflects on them, personally. I've seen it before, and it always perplexes me that people are so invested in the opinions of complete strangers.

I believe you hit on it in one of your comments, though: it plays against their religious insecurities. There must be something, somewhere deep in their psyches that knows that religion is just Santa Claus for "grown-ups".

A good experiment, all the same, and it shows pointedly how people who aren't used to being challenged this way are far less tolerant that those of us who have to be bombarded with the other side's opinion incessantly, and are expected to just take it.
BlackJill Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow... You're the first person to actually hit it on the nail straight on. There are others below who said they understood what this was about, but they were just close to the point whilst you're dead on.

It never ceases to amaze me just how offended religious folk become when we say anything about their religion, even going so far as to call for executions or imprisonment for anyone who dared express anything, negative or otherwise, about religion. And to top it all off, as you've clearly seen in the pit below us, are those who take the fact that they live in a country that protects them from such persecution for granted. They don't realize that the laws that protect my right to speech and expression are the same laws that protect them and their right to speech and expression of their own religious belief(s).

They come to this stamp and begin preaching right off the handle without even giving me so much as a warning, a howdy-do, or even enough consideration as to consider that I A) may not be religious, B) may be of another religion, C) may find being preached to rather offensive. And what's more, they expect anyone reading/within ear shot to, as you've mentioned above, take it but should anyone turn the tables on them suddenly we're the ones being offensive assholes of the universe.

:| I've been wondering about how many of these special snowflakes have reported me for being offensive.
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